Friday, October 22, 2010

Celebrating Global Culture

On Friday, October 29th - Clarion University will host the annual Clarion International Association Cultural Night. This years theme is Celebrating Global Culture. In addition to the performances by Clarion International Students the evening features international foods. This year there will be a special appearance of the Wacongo Dance Company, a traditional ensemble of master drummers, musicians and dancers for the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their performance will feature songs and dances of Central Africa and music from 400 ethnic groups.

Families welcome - call today to register with ETS to attend this free event.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Talent Search has received a grant from the Venango Human Services Fund of the Venango Community Foundation. This year's workshops will be S- Social Services, M - Management, A - Architecture, R - Recreation, and T - Theater. This Saturday is our Recreation workshop, if interested you must call by noon on October 15. Theater is scheduled for November 13, 2010. Each workshop covers hands-on activities, careers, and a service project.

Here's the scoop though -- I have $$ for t-shirts for participants, BUT I need your help. Any design ideas?